Congratulations Mary!!!!

queen beeRarely in our lives do we get to meet someone highly inspirational, unbelievably witty and funny, and yet so personal . . .  let alone get the chance to work with such a person every day!  Well . . . all of us at who work with Mary Engelbreit are blessed as we get the best of both worlds.  When you consider her massive achievements in the world of social expression, home furnishings, and overall licensing, we feel truly honored to witness all that she creates on a daily basis and to be a part of that world.  And yet she faces each day with an unabashed sense of humor and style which is reflected in her artwork – that of an everyday woman (albeit one that runs a multimillion dollar business, deals with a Studio full of crazy people, and has the same trials and tribulations of any working Mom and wife in America).

We marvel each day when Mary brings in her newest creations, and continue to scratch our heads wondering how anyone could be so creative and inventive after 30 plus years in this business.  We love what she does, we love working with her, and we love having her as a friend!

And now Mary is being honored with the Greeting Card Association’s highest award – the LOUIE for Outstanding Lifetime Achievement!  How fitting for a woman known and loved throughout the world!

Mary . . . on behalf of everyone at the Studio, and your fans everywhere, CONGRATUALTIONS on bringing so much joy, fun and inspiration into our lives, for being who you are, and for deciding to pursue art as a career!  We are so happy for the acknowledgment the industry is giving to you!

34 thoughts on “Congratulations Mary!!!!

  1. Congratulations Mary! You certainly deserve it. I have been a fan since 1984 and have enjoyed your art and whimsy since the very beginning. Thank you for bringing so much joy into the world (and my house, smile)

  2. I’m your biggest fan and have been for years!!! Congratulations Mary!!!! for all the happy you spread with your magical brain and hand!

  3. Congratulations Mary! This is a well deserved honor. I was introduced to your wonderful art back in the Sunrise days and was so proud to be able to sell your cards. When I had my card and gift shops, you always had prime space for display … it always kept growing as you introduced more and more product. I am retired now from the “Greeting Card World” but I am still a Mary Fan … my kitchen is even “Mary-fied”! Be sure to post pictures of the Stationery Show and of your award!

  4. Congratulations to you, an honor well deserved. You have touched my life in so many ways with your wonderful whimsy. Some of my dearest , treasures are your creations that are in my house and there are many! I’m so glad that you’re being recognized for the amazing artist that you are and thank you for years of whimsy and joy.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS, Mary on a well-deserved award. Have loved your products since the 80’s. Only wish they were more available to us locally. What is wrong with the buyers? Will you let us know where your line of new Christmas items will be available and when? Thanks!

  6. Congratulations Mary. . . everyday I go to my studio and you are there with me.
    God Bless

  7. I’ve been buying and enjoying your art in card form and everything else since the first “Chair of Bowlies” cards. My house is very Mary according to my friends. You speak to my heart and my sense of humor!
    Sharon Maher

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