Old Friends

Last weekend, three friends– Maria Gilligan, Laurie Glazer, Chris Baumann– and I went on a little road trip together to celebrate our 60th birthdays in Augusta, MO, just 45 minutes from St. Louis. We’ve been friends since we were children. Actually Maria and I have been friends since babyhood because our mothers were friends in college!

We stayed at our friend Ruth Touhill’s fabulous bed and breakfast. Some of you may remember Ruth from the Home Companion magazine. We featured her home/farm on numerous occasions because of course it was beyond cute, so you KNOW both of her B&Bs where we stayed were just amazing!

Maria and I stayed at The Jefferson and Chris and Laurie stayed at the Stoneledge Inn. Ours was a little bigger so Maria and I hosted breakfast. Our days were spent antiquing, sight-seeing and enjoying the turning colors of the leaves. Chris even found a house she might want to buy, so of course we had to look at that and all pick out the rooms we wanted to stay in when we come to visit!

But the main thing we did, as all you ladies will understand, is talk. And talk and talk and talk! When you’ve known each other as long as we have, nothing is off limits and everything matters. It’s a wonderful gift to have lifelong friends who know all there is to know about you and love you anyway! Not only love you, but understand you and want nothing but the best for you.

It was such a wonderful trip. We weren’t far from home, but we never are when we’re together!


19 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. I’m glad you had this opportunity, Mary. You have brought happiness to so many, including me. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Yes, girlfriend trips are the Best! A friend is such a blessing from God and makes my heart smile from the inside out! I loved the pics you shared and what your special friendships mean to you! Happy Day to you!

  3. Thank you for sharing such an amazing trip. I only wish I could have been with you as well. You feel like an “old friend” as I am surounded by your work everyday. Warmest regards, Jo Anderson

  4. Mary, it was great to see you with your “old” girlfriends. I always make my high school girlfriends go in antique shops and unique stores when we’re on a road trip. I drive ~~ so I get off the highways and into small towns as soon as I can. Then I stop, make them get out of the car, and start exploring. Yes, it’s the best kind of girl trip there is.

  5. thoroughly enjoyed your pics…looks like a fun time had by all…girlfriend time is the best…thanks for sharing mary :)

  6. my best friend lives on the west coast, I live on the east coast – we haven’t seen each other in years, but we talk and email all the time. It’s wonderful to get together with good friends.

  7. It looks like a wonderful getaway. Such pretty fall colors. I’m sure the best was having a get together with old friends. That’s really special. Glad you had good time!

  8. Hey it was a very special weekend. Funny thing we were in Missouri wine country at the height of. wine tasting , leaf peeking season ….. But we preferred to be together doing what we ve done for .YEARS….. Antique shopping and just being together…. Haven ‘t spent this much time together since our last high school sleep over. IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!!

  9. Hello- I realy enjoyed reading about your getaway with your girlfriends. I just recently was able to do something of the same sort, wanted to indulge a little for my 60th coming up soon as well…Went to Whidbey Island in Seattle, sat by the ocean, collected shells and visited a Lavender Farm, with my sister/kindred spirit and her friend. So refreshing. The bed ‘n breakfast where you stayed looks so charming. Thanks for sharing Mary!

  10. Spent the same weekend with 6 high school girlfriends,a birthday celebration for 2 of us–our 54th, at Crown Plaza in KC – we all stayed with my girlfriend’s gracious daughter in her apartment on the Plaza…so thankful for friendships and memories. Thank you Mary for reflecting these same joys in so many of your works.

  11. Mary, thank you for sharing about your “Old Friends”. I share all “my Mary-ness” with my friends! I am sooo blessed with several “Old Friends” from as early as 2nd grade! I LOVE MY BFFs…Girls Trips are the best! We talk & belly laugh & just enjoy each other…but we need to do it more often! Celebrating 48 years of friendships! God Bless & Happy Holidays! xo

  12. Mary, this looks like the perfect time! Having good friends like that is soooo important and it looks like you gals had a great weekend!! I am going to have to look more into Augusta, MO. Cute B and B!

    Have a good weekend.

  13. Hi Mary! Just finished reading about your getaway adventures with your friends…What a treasured and meaningful time I know that was. I met my bestest bud in the whole wide world back in 1951 when our folks lived next door to each other and my parents were working on adopting a little girl… which turned out to be me! That was 62 years ago and we have been best friends ever since, through thick and thin…mostly thick! What and where would we be without this special blessing called friendship? She has rheumatoid arthritis so my hubby and I travel to Murfreesboro, TN to visit with her and her hubby and have the best time…always! Thank you for your wonderful musings on your friends’ days out together. You’ve inspired me to check out Augusta with my hubby. Living in Memphis, we have only gotten as far as Bolivar, MO, visiting relatives, but with our love for travel, we plan to explore further! Thank you for keeping the beauty and magic that is YOU alive and well in everything you do and sharing with us, your fans :)

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