Good Old Friends

blog-friend girls spreadI was having dinner with some friends the other night and there was a table full of older women sitting nearby, talking and laughing and generally having a great time. I said to my friends, “We’ll be just like that when we’re older…oh…wait….they’re about the same age as we are!” Yep, we’re old, and still having a great time together. Some of my friends I’ve known since babyhood because our mothers were friends. Some since the age of five or grade school, some I met in high school, or when my boys were babies, yet we’re always surprised we’re any older! We know each other so well and have been there for each other through every kind of life event, both wonderful and miserable. Even when we haven’t seen one another for a while, we just pick up the conversations where we left off, and it seems like no time has passed at all.

We talk a little more about our ailments, aches and pains than we used to, even though we swore we would never do that. And we commiserate about getting older because, lets face it— getting older is not for the faint of heart. But who would understand that better than the women who’ve known you since you set up lemonade stands together, experimented with you learning how to put on makeup, were there for all the different I’m Serious, This Is The One Love Of My Life and consequent break ups, marriages, divorces, children, deaths—— what would we do without our friends??! Honestly— how would we get through everything??

After the dinner, I sat in the car and waited for my friend to get safely into her apartment, joking all the while through the open car window. As I watched her fumbling for her keys, limping up the steps with her bad knee, laughing, I remembered her leaping out of my car with her book bag and her hockey stick, taking the stairs two at a time, laughing. My heart almost exploded with the love I feel for all my good old friends!

16 thoughts on “Good Old Friends

  1. Boy, I know just what yoi feel. I’m in my early something’s and I suddenly realize I’m not in my 20’s or 30’s or even 40’s any more. I never used to feel older until now. Bummer and bittersweet.

  2. I have a couple of these but not as many as I’d like :-) Hope this convey’s a message for your younger fans; Yes, it’s worth the time to stay connected. Not just business wise! ……life wise. Even if you change various activities, locations….don’t forget the people who made your life more wonderful :-)

  3. I can totally identify. I guess because I try not to act old I forget sometimes that I am as old as a certain person I see. Staying connected to friends from the past is so important. Making new friends is even more important. Sometimes my friends and I do silly things and my kids just laugh at us. I hope some day when I’m gone they will remember me by saying “Mom knew how to have a good time”. No matter how old–laughing and smiling keep you young at heart!

  4. Loved your post! I’ve just lost my “call at 4 in the morning” friend of 30 years to cancer. I can still hear her laugh and find it hard to believe she is gone. Hold fast to those dear friends and keep making memories. One day they may be all you have. Miss you Rachel!

  5. I have such a great group of friends most old and some new and they mean so much to me. We are all starting to feel our age and so want to remember and cherish those days when we were young and carefree! But so enjoy our times together now! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dear Mary, Only this week I was going through my card box. My great aunt of 94 passed, at her viewing her sister of 98 looking at her said (I lost my best friend, it was so sudden so unexpected!)
    I found items and thought of you. I only send ME cards and have since we met at my hair salon many years ago thanks for putting a smile on my face CH

  7. Thank you! Sounds just like my “Birthday girls”. We used to toast to: ” here’s to strong woman. May we know them, may we raise them and we Be them”!

  8. With the passing of my dear Mother in January this year our friends even become more important. She will never be replaced, but we can all be thankful for our Husbands, sons, daughters and sisters,aunts,uncles and of course our dearest friends. Like you have said we get to choose our own friends. Victoria Crow

  9. I, too, have friends like that and I praise the Lord for them. We have laughed together, prayed together, cried together,
    crafted together, etc. and now we are separated by many miles. But our hearts are still knit together in love. When we are together again, we pick up right where we left off and continue to make more sweet memories. I enjoyed this posting very much.

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