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They’re here! They’re here! Our new cell phone cases and skins for every imaginable tech device you might own! We think they’re a lot of fun— Mikayla picked “You Go, Girl” for her cell phone and is still trying to decide which one to get for her nook. I chose “Chihuahua” for my phone and “Cactus” for my laptop. I’ll probably go for “Gloria” for my iPad. Surprisingly, all of Mikayla’s friends, who are 12 and 13, are going nuts for these things! At last— a foolproof birthday gift for the tween set! And their mothers! AND their grandmothers!! So, click on the picture above and be whisked away to a magical land of ME tech accessories, where all the cell phones are cuter and the laptops have snappy aphorisms to share.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this is that we all have way too many tech devices.  BUT since we have them, let’s dress them up and take them out in style!



8 thoughts on “iCute

    • Oh dear you took me right back many years with that story. I had a knee op, DH had me in bed plus 3 children, 3,5,7. They caghut a tummy bug at the same time, I was woozy from anaesthetic, and couldn’t help. He had bowls, buckets and cloths everywhere.yes there is always something! Hope your little ones get on ok.

  1. I think these skins and cases are a great idea. If you make a Group 2, could you please consider including your classic black background/little flowers design? Thanks. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for the Home Companion to return…


  2. I just received my order from DecaGirl!! They are just as adorable in person as online! Can’t wait to get it on my i-phone and on my Nook Color!! I <3 you, ME!!!

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