Introducing Breitville — A New Paper Doll App from ME!

BreitvilleSo you thought the paper dolls in the magazine were fun, eh? Well, we are introducing our brand new paper doll app for the iPad today, called Breitville, and these digital dolls can actually speak! You can dress them, talk to them,  pick out houses for them to live in, decorate those houses, take them to the playground and the beach, and put on shows! Once you make a show, you can send that video to family and friends. And I can work it, so that tells you how easy it is!

Our friends at Auryn developed this app based on our most popular dolls from the magazine, including—of course— Ann Estelle. My favorite part, though, is decorating the houses. Some things never change.

Give it a try! It’s a whole new way to play with paper dolls!

Buy the app here!

And this week, we are giving away two free copies of the app! So enter the giveaway now!

And check out these videos we created explaining the new app!

48 thoughts on “Introducing Breitville — A New Paper Doll App from ME!

  1. Mary, I have been a fan of your whimsical creativity on life for over 20 years. How wonderful to discover you have a blog to bring us all up to date on your newest genius. Fun!

  2. My girls (9, 12 and 14) adore your paperdoll app! They have carefully saved the magazine paperdolls and now that they have iDevices thanks to a generous grandpa :) they can play digitally. Poor me, however, with Windows and Android devices :(… Any app for the non-Apple folks on the horizon? I hope? Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

  3. hi mary i love your paper doll app i want it so bad. i have a panasonic tablet will you be getting the app for that soon? i hope so. please!

  4. Hi Mary,
    I LOVE the new app.but……is there a way to turn off the
    “Welcome to Brietville song every time we go back to home page? Very annoying.

    Thanks for your help.

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