Living Room Accents – From Linda K

Description of Your Mary Decor:
I love every part of Mary Engelebreit’s art. For my corner in the living room I have her pillow, seat and a beautiful vase.

Describe your first experience with Mary Engelbreit’s artwork:
My first experience with Mary was writing to her in 1983 or 1984 to ask permission to cut up her calendars and use her artwork in my scrapbook album that would be judged statewide. She mailed a letter back with her blessing. I won first place! Lucky for me I live in Illinois and was not far from her store in the Galleria. I went almost monthly to purchase new items. That was my one vice, Mary Engelbreit items, no matter the cost.

What is your favorite artwork from Mary and why?:
Wow, hard to say because she is a part of me. I have enjoyed every one of her books as do my 5 grandchildren. She makes the scariest witch look friendly.

What was the inspiration of your “Mary” theme?:
I truly have her art in every room of my house and lots more in the basement that I am saving for my granddaughter who is Makala’s very age.

Thank you Linda for Sharing Your Mary!

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