My Living Room – from Nancy W.

Room / Theme – living room

Description of Your Mary Decor:
My blue corner cupboard and all my ME tea pots. When you’re young; bright colors and patterns attract you. You never grow out of that. I was so sad when my husband died. When I was alone, I sat on my sofa and looked at my cupboard and for some strange reason decided to switch the teapots around on it. I still don’t know why but the bright beautiful teapots took me away from my grieving for just a moment. Thanks ME.

Describe your first experience with Mary Engelbreit’s artwork:
That’s like taking me to a flower garden and asking me to pick out my favorite flower. They’re all attention getters and beautiful. I can’t do it.

What is your favorite artwork from Mary and why?
A Christmas Card. An older one with Santa and Baby Jesus. Open your heart Open it Wide Someone is waiting outside. I hope I got it right.

What was the inspiration of your “Mary” theme?
The cheerful uplifting colors, her fantastic imagination, I love it all.

Thank you Nancy for Sharing Your Mary!!!

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