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Thank you for your interest in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion. We sincerely appreciate your support over the last 11 years! We hope the note from Mary and subscriber information below address any questions you may have.

A Note From Mary
Well, friends, by now most of you have heard that Home Companion magazine is not being published. It was a business decision by our licensed publishing partner based purely on the lack of advertising income, certainly not on circulation or subscriber numbers, both of which remained very strong thanks to all of you!

You may have heard of other home magazines closing – Cottage Living, Domino, O at Home, Home, and Country Home, among others. The sad fact is that home magazines are being hit harder than others because of the dismal housing industry – people aren’t able to sell or buy homes, so fewer people are buying flooring, wallpaper, furniture, etc., so those companies don’t feel they can afford to advertise. It’s a vicious circle!

Since we were not a typical shelter magazine anyway, I hope we’ll find a way to offer the exact right kind of ads so that we can revive our beautiful magazine eventually. It hurts me to see so many wonderful houses out there and meet so many great artists and not have a place to showcase them! We WILL find a way!

We WILL find a way – this miserable economy can’t last forever. Anyway, even if times are tough, we still need to see magical things, right? We still need to know there are people out there producing fantastic things, creating warm and cozy places to live and providing us with the inspiration we need to keep going, for crying out loud! I mean, I love House Beautiful, but I can’t make one magazine last all month – we need more! We need variety! We need Home Companion!

We sincerely appreciate all the emails and notes you’ve been sending to let us know how much you love the magazine. I am sorry that because of the sheer quantity we can’t respond to each of them individually, but please know that we are holding on to all of them as testimonials to show to potential publishers what a great audience we have!

If things don’t work out the way I hope, let me say thank you to all of you supporting us so faithfully for 11 wonderful years. And of course, I can’t say enough about Barbara Martin and our amazing staff at MEHC – they’re the ones who scouted, wrote, photographed, planned, traveled, glued, sewed, and designed so you and I could curl up in a chair for an hour and dream.

I’ll miss them and you – let’s not let too much time go by before we get together again!

PS – PLEASE know that although my job definitely won’t be the same without the magazine, I still have a LOT of other exciting projects coming up – books, cards, calendars, fabric, new gift lines, scrapbooking, crafts and more have me very busy. I can’t wait to share them with you – stay tuned to this website to see all the new tricks I have up my sleeve!

Subscriber Information

We have created this page to help you with any questions or issues you may have about your subscription. Please see this press release for more details.

What will happen to my subscription or the gift subscriptions I’ve given?

If you have paid for a subscription for yourself or as a gift and the payment has been processed, it will be replaced with Martha Stewart Living. You should begin to receive it in February. If you have any questions about your subscriptions, an address change, or would like to cancel the subscription and receive a refund, please contact Martha Stewart Living at 1-800-999-6518. If you had subscribed but not yet paid for a subscription, it was not processed, and therefore did not transfer to Martha Stewart Living. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Can I still contact Home Companion?
Home Companion’s customer service and editorial phone numbers and email addresses are no longer active, and all subscriber information, so please only contact Martha Stewart Living for questions about your subscription.

Will Home Companion ever be published again?
Mary Engelbreit does retain ownership of the Home Companion name and brand, so we do hope that at some point in the future we are able to secure a new publishing partner to continue to deliver Mary’s inspiring style!

What does this mean for Mary?
Just to nip any rumors in the bud, this definitely does NOT mean Mary is retiring! Since its inception, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion has operated as a separate business from Mary’s art licensing company, Mary Engelbreit Studios. She will continue her active schedule of illustrating greeting cards, calendars and books and her company will continue developing licensed products based on her illustrations. The publication of MEHC is near and dear to Mary Engelbreit Studios, but this change will not have a financial or operational impact on the company.

We hope you’ll keep up with us! Mary’s e-newsletter is definitely the best way to get the latest news on events, new products, ideas and free recipes, desktop backgrounds and more. You can sign up to receive the newsletter or update your subscription information on our website.

We also hope to have a brand new website and blog up and running in 2009 to keep you even more informed!

122 thoughts on “Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion Magazine

  1. I’m just checking this site again in hopes that Home Companion is back in print,unfortunately it’s not. It is seriously my FAVORITE magazine,I really miss it!!! There is no substitute out there.I’ve fortunately kept some old issues,but would love to see more new ones. PLEASE bring it back asap.
    Thank you.

  2. This past year our family was following the strictest budget ever. We had to relocate multiple times, requiring a severe downsizing – I had to part with my collection of Home Companion.

    This month was the first time I could treat myself to Home Companion, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I hoped to sign on & subscribe, even though I prefer buying at the store so all my pages are smooth, no wrinkles! While I understand Home Companion not being published, I’m truly, deeply disappointed. There is no other magazine that rivals yours.

    As soon as your magazine makes its triumphant return, put my name at the top of the subscriber list. My family knows that “my magazine” means Mary Engelbreit!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity – my Home already misses its Companion…