It’s 70 degrees here today, so I have once again regained the will to live. I even went out and swept the salt off the back deck and thought about how I might furnish it this year, since some of our vintage— i.e. old and rotting— porch furniture needs to be replaced. It’s kind of pointless, since here in St. Louis you can only actually use your deck or patio for about a week before the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes drive you inside for the rest of the summer– but you want it to look nice as you view it from inside the house. I do, anyway. Porches have always loomed large in my drawings, I suppose because I have such wonderful memories of our screened in porch when I was growing up. We didn’t have air conditioning until I was almost in high school. Instead we had a neighborhood pool and an attic fan. Somehow the heat never bothered us then and we were outside ALL THE TIME. Running. Playing ball. Walking everywhere. What the…???? How did I turn into such a wimp?? Oh well. All the more time to DRAW people running, playing ball and being outside among the insects.

Here are some of my favorite drawings of porches, just to remind us all that spring and summer really are on the way.

And don’t forget to check out my project and paper dolls in Amy Powers’ new online edition of Inspired Ideas– another sure sign that spring is almost here!


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30 thoughts on “Porches

  1. Beautiful porches…wish I could walk right into your beautiful drawings. I’m so glad they are finally starting to build houses with porches again.

  2. When I was little, we had a covered concrete porch and I loved it. The concrete stayed cool longer in the Louisiana heat. My favorite thing to do on the porch was grab a blanket and sit up against the house to wait for the rain to arrive. I was far away enough to not get wet and I loved the blustery winds. If there was too much lightning and thunder, mom made me come in. My favorite photo of the porch is my baby brother @ 20 mos, dressed in a tiny suit, with his Easter basket at his feet. Easter was always the second best holiday. That raised porch was a delight.

  3. Mary,
    I am now 56 years old. I will never forget being on my great grandmother’s porch as a child. She had a big swing that was covered with different pieces of left-over fabric. She had quilted the pieces together. My brother and I would swing for hours watching the near-by creek run and listening to the frogs. It is a memory that I will always cherish. Robin

  4. Mary- I so adore your work!
    I miss your store in Norcross, GA. It was not that close to me, but I would make the trek to pick out gifts for special occasions!

  5. April 15th,2011 7:00 a.m.

    We have been blessed with 3 Verandas (that is our name for porches here)LOL Our 2 1/2 storey 1920 Edwardian home has one on the first and second level out front. I designed a two storey historical replica garage offset in the back of the yard , with guess what??? another veranda….. Yes my daughter and I are the veranda queens.Here in northern Alberta at the feet of the Rockies we are fortunate to get two weeks of 30 degree celsius weather.

    Warmly dressed, we have a spring lunch in the sunshine. Coffee/Lattes Saturday mornings. Staying up late summer nights enjoying garden lights. Hot summer days with the sounds of water fountains. We have had the gift of watching fireworks on the 2nd storey veranda on Canada Day for the last 13 years.. Oh”THE VERANDA”, what wonderful memories!
    How we cherish our past memories and are inspired by this blog to make many more…

  6. I’ve loved your work and collected lots of pieces over the years – I don’t understand why it isn’t better known and more available over here in England. Oh – and I would LOVE a poster size version of the porch picture with the little girl and the dollhouse – is there one?

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