Winter Schminter

I really loathe this time of year. The charm of the holidays is long gone and all we have to look forward to, realistically, is 2 more months of winter. Sure, the first 2 weeks of February are taken up with Valentine’s Day (my favorite holiday!), and there is always the promise of spring break at the end of March, when, if you’re lucky, you can go someplace warm and pretend it’s summer, but basically it’s the longest, darkest, boring-est part of the year. In my opinion.

Have Faith

So I get through it by looking at photos of gardens no one could possibly maintain without the help of at least 5 professional gardeners and wait impatiently for spring. In the meantime, I work on cards, calendars, and books for release sometime in the future, buy pots of forced spring bulbs at the grocery store , and try not to look out the window.


A girl can dream, right?


5 thoughts on “Winter Schminter

  1. I am thinking of some place warm as well. To add a little sunshine or rather make my own sunsine I pull my very favorite book off my library shelf, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Sweet Home and revel in the beauty that each page presents.

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