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Art and craft workshops are springing up everywhere! I’ve even hosted several myself. They’re always fun and informative and just a great way to get together with similarly minded people and create, create, create!

But Charlotte Lyons and Meleen Dupre’s event in Vermont last weekend was something really special.

I went because, first of all, it would be a great way to spend some quality time with Charlotte, who I just don’t get to see enough, and secondly, because I wanted to participate in one of these things as a guest and see what they’re like from that end. The fact that it was in Vermont at peak leaf-peeping time didn’t hurt either!

It turned out to be a really relaxing, fun weekend. I knew many of the women attending from previous workshops and was very happy to meet several new friends as well. The food, which was included in the price, was all cooked by Meleen and was absolutely delicious! If she tires of the workshop business, she could easily open a 5 star restaurant! Her darling husband John was there to help out, and help out he did, from cleaning up after meals and putting fresh flowers and pumpkins all around their 2 cottages where all this took place. Not to mention all his fascinating and funny stories that kept us all entertained!

There were several fun outings to local farms and antique stores, and tons of art supplies to utilize if you decided to hang around the house. One of the nicest things about the whole weekend was the loose schedule. There was no racing from class to class, no frantic cleaning up between classes to make room for the next group, and plenty of time to work on whatever project interested you most at any given moment. My favorite class was the felt appliqué and embroidery– I finished one and actually started another before I left. It’s my new obsession.

Below are some photos from the trip. When Charlotte and Meleen offer another one, make sure you get on that list! If there’s any room, because I know everyone who went on this trip will be back for more!


2 thoughts on “ME in VT

  1. The weekend looked so amazing and I loved watching the instagram feeds of the crafty weekend and thinking of you guys having a great time. Wished I was there and hope to be one time soon.

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