Watch Mary’s LOUIE Award Video!

Recently Mary was awarded the Greeting Card Association’s highest award – the first ever LOUIE Award for Lifetime Achievement (the LOUIE’s are the greeting card industry’s Academy Awards!). To celebrate the event and to share a bit of background from the lady herself, American Greetings, our fantastic greeting card manufacturer, put together this fabulous video about Mary, her art and inspiration. The video was shared the night of the award presentation and ceremony, and now we want to share it with YOU!

And here is Mary’s touching and light hearted acceptance speech from the event!

69 thoughts on “Watch Mary’s LOUIE Award Video!

  1. Mary, you have been an inspiration to my life, I have your desk calendar and wall calendar and I just love you quotes and beautiful art, you make each picture a part of life that exists in all of us. Love you for your thoughts and congratulations to you for your wonderful achievements. Thank you for being Mary so full of real Life!! Olivia

  2. Just did my grandkids playroom in Mary Engelbreit and I adore your style…I collected over the years for this room…love all your work…congratulations on your award. If every room contained some ME the world would be a cheerier place….you can’t help but smile at your sweet creations…thank you for sharing your passion with us!

  3. I have loved your artwork for years! I collected a lot of the magazines when it was published and framed a lot of the pictures you had in the magazines and also some of the greeting cards. I also have pictures from your calendars in my house and I have a few of your decorator books. My granddaughter and I have painted a table and a stool in Mary Engelbreit style from one of your craft books. I just love, love, love all your things. I do miss being able to buy tea pots and cups, though. I hope one day they will come back.

  4. Thank you Mary for all you have brought to the world in your artwork! I have a wall full of your cards framed and hanging. No matter how I feeling that day, when I pass by them they always make me feel better and remember to help me ‘wear the world loosely’!!!

    Please don’t stop sharing your work with us!
    Doree Rawlings

  5. Mary,
    You have always been a favorite artist of mine. You are very deserving of this award and many more, I do miss the magazines, but still have all the older ones that I keep and re-read.
    Thanks for taking us to your world of art and everything that’s positive in Life. If the world was full of Mary’s (like you) it would be a wonderful and joyful place to be.

    Victoria Crow

  6. I love how your magazine showcased so many excellent crafter/artists, their work and surroundings. I cherish the magazines especially the ones with your artwork covers. Thank you for all the joy and inspiration.
    Mary Ann

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