Meet Our Team

Mary Engelbreit Studios, Inc., established in 1980, is a full service licensor in the world of art licensing, and manages both the "Mary Engelbreit" and "Mary & Co." brands - two of America's premier brands. Mary, known for her distinctive illustration style and warmth, and her creative team create art that is licensed to retailers and manufacturers in the areas of greeting cards, gift products, stationery, calendars, fabric, and books ranging from gift, home décor, crafts and cooking.

The Studio Creative team also provides creative services and product development for our licensees in order to grow our business. The remaining members of the company manage the licensing operations and relationships, daily business needs and our viral exposure and business (including the direct-to-consumer sales via our website.)

Mary Engelbreit

Mary founded Mary Engelbreit Studios more than 20 years ago and remains the creative visionary behind every illustration and the product it inspires. She is actively involved in every aspect of the company, and is always excited to discuss new projects. Learn more about Mary's artistic journey.


Stephanie Barken

I'm Mary's Creative Director. I've been with her 22 years and was the first artist she hired, so I've gone from Designer to Art Director to Creative Director. Over this many years, I've had the privilege of working with Mary and our many talented artists/designers and great licensees to make sure Mary's vision and integrity are assured in quality products for her consumer. I especially like helping make Mary's art come to life in a variety of forms, from the printed image to dimensional home décor or textiles or apparel and more. And even after 22 years, I am still in awe of the drawings that Mary brings in. Each is a rich treasure trove of possibilities. Then, I get to work and have fun!!

 Stephanie - Mary Engelbreit Studios Team Member

Angel Clark

I have been with the Mary Engelbreit Enterprises for many years, formerly on staff at Mary's Home Companion magazine, and currently as a Senior Graphic Artist at the studio. In my role, I do amazing things on the computer to enhance and expand Mary's art!

 Angel - Mary Engelbreit Studios Team Member

Pam Dobek

I'm a Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator, working full-time for Mary a second time in my career. Based on my extensive experience in both traditionally and digitally created art, I started freelancing for Mary in 1995, and have worked both freelance and as an employee since that date.
My responsibilities include creating hand-drawn coordinated art for Mary's calendars, books, greeting cards and other varied products. I also digitally design and illustrate ME product concepts, as well as create patterns for printing on textiles, papers and other surfaces.
I feel privileged to be a part of the Mary Engelbreit team, working in such a fun and creative studio. It's always a pleasure to be among the first to see what Mary has created. Her endless creativity, coupled with the variety of projects we get to work on, is very stimulating.

 Pam - Mary Engelbreit Studio Team Member

Alexa Anderson

I am the Art and Product Coordinator for the ME Studios. I've been with the company for over 25 years, and have the opportunity to work in every area of the company. My job entails working closely with Stephanie, our Creative Director, and each of our designers and artists to fulfill art requests and product approvals from start to finish. My co-workers sometimes refer to me as the "Human Database" when they can't place the name of an image with the art as I have an uncanny ability to remember almost all of Mary's artwork, when it was used, what it was on, and who did it.

 Alexa - Mary Engelbreit Studios Team Member

Julie Lipinski

I am the Online Retail Manager. I have been involved with Mary Engelbreit Studios for 10+ years. I was a Store Manager at the ME retail store at the St Louis Galleria, then moved to the online store fulfillment center. I handle all aspects of the online store including, but not limited to, order fulfillment, customer service, inventory and product ordering.
I received a BS in Marketing at Southeast Missouri State University.

 Julie - Mary Engelbreit Studios Team Member