Birthday Card Bundle - 20 Assorted



In this bundle of birthday cards you will get 10 designs of thoughtful greetings.

  • Measures: 5 x 7 in.
  • Set of 20; 2 of each design


1. Front: All Hail! The Birthday Girl
Inside: Three Cheers for her majesty!

2. Front: Happy Birthday!!
Inside: From all of us

3. Front: Happy Birthday
Inside: Wishing you happiness to last the year through!

4. Front: Wishing You A Bright Birthday!
Inside: From the moment the sun comes up!

5. Front: Elated!!! Exulatant! Exceptional! Enjoy!!!Ecstatic!! Eureka!!!!
Inside: Especially for you! Happy Birthday

6. Front: Fashionable Late
Inside: Being on time has never been my styl. Hope your birthday was great!

7. Front: Blonde girl with small present
Inside: You're off to another wonderful year. Happy Birthday

8. Front: Another Birthday
Inside: Piece of cake!

9. Front: the Queen of Everything
Inside: For today! Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

10. Front: There's No Time Like the Presents!
Inside: To wish you a Happy Birthday!