Share Your Favorite Shops With Us!

Independently-owned gift stores and little Mom and Pop shops are where I built my business, and I love them. Unfortunately, the economy has taken quite a toll on these kinds of smaller shops. Many of them cannot meet the large minimum orders that have become standard practice for many distributors and manufacturers over the last several years. I'm absolutely thrilled and so very grateful to have my work placed in big retail stores but I still see so much opportunity in these unique, independent retailers and I have a plan in the works to get my things back on their shelves-- but first, I need your help!

It would really do wonders for us if you could please fill out the form below with one or two of your favorite local shops and boutiques where you think ME would be a good fit. If you are a store owner and would like to carry Mary Engelbreit products again (without the minimums!), please send us your information. It's quick and easy to do. And the more the merrier! We'd sincerely appreciate it if you would please ask your friends to send us the names of their favorite shops, too.

Mom and Pop stores are fast disappearing and there are a lot of folks who don't think they really matter in the big scheme of selling things anymore, but I disagree with that notion. There are so many wonderful, one-of-a-kind shops out there, and we want to make it easy for them to order and carry all-new Mary Engelbreit things again. Please take a moment to fill out the form below and make sure your favorite stores are on this list!

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