FAQs with the Studio

Do you make all of the products that we find at retail?

As we are a design studio, where our "product" is artwork, we do not create or manufacture any of the products available for sale at retail. Instead we license our artwork to manufacturers who use our artwork on their products. Going forward, however, we may be creating exclusive Mary Engelbreit products that we will make available through our online store.

Does Mary Engelbreit Studios donate products for charity?

Whenever possible, we love to pay back to the "community" as much as we can. With so many donation requests sent to us, however, we felt the need to limit our participation to only those national based organizations or groups whose work deals directly with children, in some capacity. We cannot donate to everyone, unfortunately, but will do all we can to offer our support.

If you would like for us to consider your donation request, please send your information, including your name, the name of the organization, a contact phone number, a website for the charity, a description of your need, date of the event, and details about the charity to contactus@maryengelbreit.com.

I bought a Mary Engelbreit item, and would like to know what its current value is in the marketplace. Can you help me?

We get asked this type of question all of time, and there unfortunately is no absolute answer. With the inception of websites like eBay, the world has basically placed a value on products based on what someone is willing to pay you for that item. There is no book or price structure of any of our products other than what we charge for them through our online store, what manufacturers recommend as suggested selling price, or what some collector deems is a price they would pay for something they desire to own.

One thing we can suggest is to view any of Mary's artwork currently being auctioned on eBay to gauge comparable value. Or, list the item yourself and see what someone would bid for that item.

Can I use Mary's artwork on my __________ project?

As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of requests asking to use Mary's artwork for a variety of purposes. The difficulty in granting permission lies in the fact that we cannot control the way our art is being used by the requestor, or in what context it is being used. As a licensor, it is our mandate to protect the brand and the products supporting that brand vehemently to ensure the quality and brand values we desire. Trying to review every product being created would be a monumental task.

Our artwork is protected by our Trademarks and Copyrights, and we address these on our "Copyrights 101" section of the web.

I have a retail store and would like to carry your products. Can I purchase them from you?

Our business at Mary Engelbreit Studios is to create artwork that we then license to manufacturers to produce into actual salable products. As such, at this time, we do not sell directly to the retail trade, but we can and do identify for you those fabulous manufacturers (our Licensees!) who make our products, and supply you their contact information.

On the Main toolbar you will find the "Licensing" tab. When you click on this, you will find the drop down menu noting "ME Licensing Program." When you click on this link, you will find all of the approved licensees that manufacture products with our images, with contact information! Call and order away, and soon your store will have lots of Mary Engelbreit products. And check back often - we are adding new licensees regularly.

Do you still have the magazine?

Unfortunately we have decided not to go any further with our efforts to bring back the magazine. Please read the blog article about the Mary Engelbreit Home Companion for more information.