I'm so very excited to present to you…(drumroll, please)…Mary Engelbreit Paperworks! My new independent line of greeting cards, coloring books and more! All made right here in the USA and now available exclusively at www.maryengelbreit.com to fans and retailers alike.

This ever-expanding line kicks off with 24 non-specific-occasion (I just coined this term), blank greeting cards along with two really wonderful boxed card sets, a coloring book, and more to follow soon! All available at wholesale to shops of all shapes and sizes.


Not a shop owner? Not a problem! They’re available to customers on my online store, and also, hopefully, at an independent retailer near you.

The boxed cards include Cards for the Chronically Unprepared, a set of 10 different cards you’ll most likely need at some point during the year, and a box of 10 Mary Engeldark cards—not for the faint of heart nor the perpetually cheerful! This line is a bit darker than my usual fare. These cards can be sarcastic and maybe even a little cynical, but they’re all funny. Well, to me, anyway. Because, let's face it, no one is cute and charming 24/7. So consider yourself forewarned!


Color ME is a great little coloring book. For years now, I’ve gotten requests from fans to make a more “grown-up friendly” sort of coloring book, and here it is! We printed it on nice, much heavier paper than you’d normally find in a coloring book, and we only put images on one side of each of its’ finely perforated pages. Feel free to color outside the lines!


We have lots of other things coming soon—t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and of course more cards—anything we can have made here in the USA. Please take a gander at my new offerings. I know you’ll find something you like!

With love,


February 13, 2015 by Mary Engelbreit
Tags: paperworks