Office Space

We've got a bunch of cool stuff going on at ME Studios right now-- which is great, but I'm busier than ever. I'm drawing, designing, licensing, printing, retailing, wholesaling, marketing and whatever-else-ing.

To make room for all this activity, we just reorganized our office a little. Feeling cramped, we decided to actually go through all the boxes that were taking up so much space. Lo and behold, it turned out we had a ton of stuff around here that we didn't need at all. We sold a few things, threw out a lot of things, and gave away everything else. Voila! A seemingly HUGE new studio in which to take care of all our new business!

Usually, I come into the office during the day to meet with people and take care of the endless to-do lists we have around here, but I do my drawing at night in my home studio. Most-often after dinner and into the wee hours of the morning. Now, however, with all our new space, I plan to do a lot more drawing here and save my nights for, say, sleeping.

Besides, this was a good excuse to sneak a little decorating into my busy schedule. Here are a few of the results (click on the pictures to enlarge):


I hope you enjoy!

March 05, 2015 by Mary Engelbreit