Mark Roberts
P.O. Box 15185
Santa Ana CA 92735
Toll Free: 877-962-7624

Mark Roberts has been designing character dolls for Christmas and other holidays since 1997. His Fairies, Elves, Santa's and other characters are loved and collected by legions of people in all 50 states and around the globe. From Presidents and First Ladies to Silver Screen celebrities and normal, everyday people like you and I, Mark Roberts Fairies, Elves & Santa's bring out a special magic that is inside each of us. His characters seem to make you smile as soon at you hold it in your hand. Mark's refined good taste and attention to detail are showcased beautifully in his elegant creations each year.

Mary Engelbreit has licensed to Mark Roberts, the rights to bring to life as only Mark Roberts can do, some of Mary Engelbreits most beloved Santa & Elf characters. Look for these exclusive designs to have that unique and exquisite, paired with mischievously playful personalities Mark Roberts is famous for, combined with that charming & timelessness look that you have come to expect from Mary Engelbreits artistry! Each design will be a Limited Edition, numbered piece.

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