June/July 2002 Home Companion Magazine


Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion Magazine has been out of circulation since January 2009, but we were able to find a very rare stash of brand new editions we are willing to offer to our customers! The quantities are EXTREMELY LOW for those issues we still have on hand, and once they are gone, that is it—no more! In this issue, June & July 2002, the magazine featured the following articles: declare your decorating independence, rev up your rooms, parade your collectibles, salute your own style, plus the normal array of great department notes, inspirations and finds you came to know from Home Companion.

As some of our past subscribers have said…"It’s so much fun to browse through them from time to time.” “It profiled so many creative artist’s homes, and really opened my eyes to letting your home reflect your own unique take on the world.” “It was truly one of the best magazines that featured artists and illustrators and the creative environments they live and work in. “Rich with inspiring ideas and positive thoughts and energy, Home Companion was more than just another decorating magazine."

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