Valentine Postcards, series 3


Celebrate Valentine's Day with this pack of six postcards! They can be sent to friends and loved ones or simply hung on the wall. Some of this art is also available on other products—see the links below. 

Additional postage required. Limited quantities.

Six 5 x 7 cards enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve (from top left):

  • Bee Good: "Bee Good; Bee my Honey; Bee Sweet"; Fine Print
  • Fondue: "Forget Love! I'd rather fall in chocolate!"; Fine Print, Mug, Magnet
  • Be My Honey Bear: "I can not bear to lose you; won't you bee my honey and cheer this heart of mine? And I will hug you all the while; Come be my Valentine"; Fine Print
  • Eyes For You: "I only have eyes for you"; Fine Print
  • Everything Led Me: "Everything that has happened in my life so far has led me to you"; Greeting Card
  • Love Is The Answer: "Love is the answer"; Fine Print, Magnet

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